Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...How Does Your AeroGarden Grow?

Year-Round Indoor Gardening

Who doesn't want fresh, organic vegetables year-round?  It's easy and fun to have a sustainable food supply indoors when you use container gardening and grow lights.   One great options is the AeroGarden.  I have been using AeroGarden for nearly a year to grow lettuce greens and herbs indoors.  With my AeroGarden I only harvest what I need for each salad and I don't have any waste.  I really enjoy watching the quick transformation from seed to yummy salad so I ordered a second one, which arrived today, to grow cherry tomatoes.  AeroGarden's are a fantastic way to have fresh greens, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs and peppers year round.  For those of you who live in areas that have shorter summers or live in areas where you cannot plant a garden; this is the perfect solution!

I want to show you just how easy indoor gardening can be so I am starting a new batch of lettuce greens along with the new cherry tomato plant.
On March 30, 216, I planted 3 pods of lettuce greens in the left machine and one cherry tomato in the center opening of the right machine.  I then covered each of the seed pods with the enclosed plastic domes and put two blank plant spacers in the right machine.

Next step was to fill each unit's base with water up to the "Fill Line", and add the required amount of Miracle-Gro liquid nutrients to each.  Final step is to plug the units in.  I selected 3:30 p.m. as my start time and once I plug them in, the light turns on and stays on for 16 hours and then automatically shut off.  Each day at 3:30 p.m. the units will turn on again for 16 hours.

Every 4 weeks a red light on the front of the unit will light up as a reminder to add more nutrients and to top of the water to the "Fill Line".

I'm done for now.  I'll update the blog once the first sprouts appear. (my radishes are in the middle)

Each unit (you can select black or white) comes with a box of herbs and a bottle of Miracle-Gro to get you started.

I also ordered a box of mixed salad greens and a box of cherry tomatoes.

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