Monday, March 28, 2016

Breakfast Nook Remodel

I've always wanted a small intimate seating area where friends could sit and chat over a cup of coffee and nibble on cookies, without being forced to sit in the formal dining room or spread out in the living room.

The original layout of the kitchen did not allow for this at all.  In fact the breakfast bar was very uninviting and dark.   The space between the original breakfast bar and the edge of the window was really "dead" space if you had chairs at the bar.  If you pushed furniture up to the bar to maximize the space; you lost the breakfast bar

By expanding the kitchen's length I was able to add the two large pantries along with a corner for my breakfast nook.  The space now flows, is bright and inviting.

I love to have my morning coffee here while I read my emails.  It's also in a perfect position for me to view the kitchen I love!

The Diva Farmer ~ Come Grow With Us

1 comment:

Chris Kane said...

What you've done to your home is really incredible. It's so beautiful.


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