Sunday, March 26, 2017

Growing Potatoes

Step-by-Step Instructions

This post will be updated as each step occurs.

Step 1:  Purchase seed potatoes and place them in a warm sunny location.  I have purchased Yukon Gold and Reds.

Step 2:  Allow them to Chit - Chitting is when the tuber eyes begin to sprout.  Mine sat under the grow lights with the other seedlings for a couple weeks.

Step 3:  Cut the potatoes into chunks, leaving one to two eyes per section.  Place the raw side up and put them back in the previous spot to dry and scab over.  Why??  First off, the new sprouts need food to grow and that is what each section  If you place the wet potato in the ground it could rot.  By allowing it to scab over you are sealing in the nutrients for the sprouts to grow.

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