Monday, December 14, 2015

Kitchen Remodel

It's hard to believe, but December 20th marks one-year since I started the renovation/remodel of The Cottage.  Since I am the only one doing the bulk of the work (contractor did the kitchen demo, drywall and cabinet install) it has been a slow, daily process. 

The kitchen has been done a couple of months now, but posting on the blog has taken back seat to completing other areas of the house.  The top image, which shows the before/after side-by-side, was my entry into the 2015 Behr Paint "#1 Paint Project".  My kitchen's paint job took second place!!

The following images show the progression of the renovation/remodel.

The Previous owners installed a drop ceiling grid and strung three industrial lights together and covered it with the plastic panels (you can see these lights in the first demo image below)

You can see the 3 sets of lights strung together light Christmas tree lights. The demolition only took one-day!

The cabinets were not solid units and were open in the back (see wallpaper showing through on upper cabinets).  Basically they were built right on the walls.

By removing the dropped ceiling I gained nearly a foot of additional space which allowed me to install taller upper cabinets and the hanging light over the island.

In addition I removed the breakfast island and the cabinets above it.  By doing this I not only opened up the kitchen, but I was able to incorporate two large pantries with drawers and a cute little breakfast nook.

I kept the Bosch microwave and built-in oven in their original place and worked the new kitchen cabinets around that.

I'm big on things being symmetrical and balanced and the "Bosch wall" was not.  The pantry closet was on the opposite end from the built-ins and the fridge stood next to it. The wall was simply too heavy and the tiny little counter space was lost.

By eliminating the breakfast bar and stretching the kitchen length I was able to make the pantries the anchor on the long wall and then use the fridge to anchor the built-ins.
Prior to the hardwood installation I spent a few weekends painting the kitchen and family room a lovely shade of blue: Behr Cloud Day, the ceiling in both rooms got a coat of bright white. Now the two rooms flow into one and feel unified. Both rooms also received new thermal windows and trim.

I added canned lights in the kitchen, plus the hanging light over the island (not up yet in this photo), a hanging light that will sit above the new breakfast nook table and a lovely light above the sink.
I absolutely LOVE my new kitchen!! This is what I saw the minute I viewed the space; although everyone else couldn't see past the original kitchen.

There is something to be said about getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself.  Although the contractor did the majority of the cabinet/counter installation I was still able to assist him throughout the process.

The entire kitchen was my personal vision.  I did all the measuring, bought all the supplies (contractor picked-up and delivered to house) and did all the decorating.  It took me over 60 hours to sand, prime, paint and "rough" the edges on the doors/drawers.  The finished product makes it worth every minute.

I kept the original fridge for the time being, but the space was designed for a larger one and I will eventually replace it.  As you can see, the wall is now symmetrical and there is now enough counter space between the two heavy ends to utilize.  The open space below the oven will be covered with the same fabric I used on the island, and will help with the cottage feel.


Dawn Crowder said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What color did you use on the cabinets? We just bought a double wide and starting our remodel. Thanks

Chris Leckington said...

The color from Behr was "Cloud Day" right? I am getting such a small picture on my HP tablet but the color is just beautiful! Maybe you can't say here, but from the looks of your remodel everything looks expensive. For those of us that don't have much in the way of a budget, what would you have advise us is the first and most important thing to do with our MFH kitchen?

The Diva Farmer said...

Dawn: The top cabinets are done in Behr Swiss coffee and the bottom cabinets are Behr Lyric Blue. The walls are painted in Behr Cloudy Day. I used Kilz primer.

The Diva Farmer said...

Chris: Keep in mind that my kitchen is all new. However, I am just finishing up the built in china cupboard in the formal dining room and it is the same cabinets as the old kitchen.

The least expensive project, but one with a big impact, is painting the cabinets:
1. Wash them with detergent (I used dawn dish soap) to remove old dirt and kitchen grime
2. Sand if needed
4. Paint
5. New hardware

I did the above with the china cupboard and I LOVE how it is turning out. I should have those images up by mid June.

Feel free to email pictures or ask for suggestions to:

Dawn Crowder said...

Thank you so very much!

Chris Leckington said...

This information has been very helpful. We bought our home last Oct. and my husband started sanding all of the Oak cabinets. We didn't prime them because our Behr paint has a built in primer. The top cabinets are Bright White and the bottoms are Bright Blue. They are a satin paint. So far they are looking good but painting takes forever! We have a skylight in the kitchen and it lets in so much light. We have other plans like you do but it may take a year or more to get it all done! Good Luck and keep sharing.

Chris Leckington said...

Hey there my Diva friend. I have written again to ask if the color on the walls is Behr paint in Cloud Day? I tried to find it on the website but they come back with There is no paint that color! What's up with that? The nincompoops. Don't they know their own paint names?

The Diva Farmer said...

Chris: You were close; it's Cloudy Day

Arthur Bryant said...

Drop ceilings are the worst. Looking at the pictures of the drop ceilings is making me cringe. The final result turned out great, to include the new ceiling. The blue cabinets really make it pop and show off your sense of style. Your hard work paid off and I am sure you will love it for years to come.

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