Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend #2 ~ Preparing the Vegetable Garden

Another productive weekend!  I completed the following:

  • 5 more beds set-up
  • laid the pavers for the fire pit to sit on (between the 2 beds on the far right)
  • started the path that will be the entrance to the garden
  • a neighbor gave me a stack of 8" x 16" pavers and I'm using those to line the area where the railroad ties use to sit.  You can see the along the bottom of the garden.  (there were enough to do 3/4 of the garden!)
  • buried a metal pole for the lady scarecrow's body
  • discovered a stump of something that has new limbs with buds.  I cleaned up the area around it, added fertilizer and new soil along with some flowers.  I told the stump in has one summer to Wow me, or it will be removed next spring (bottom right corner)
  • filled 3 beds with soil and planted cool weather crop seeds (4-10-16): 
    • Parsnips - ready to harvest in 120 days
    • Carrots - ready to harvest in 60 days
    • Beets - ready to harvest in 59 days
    • Brussels Sprouts - ready to harvest in 90 days
  • tilled all the open space. leveled it out and spread the slow grow, now mow seeds
One more weekend and the vegetable garden will be completed and ready for planting crops on May 10, 2016.  Can't wait!

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