Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Weekend #1 ~ Preparing the Vegetable Garden

We finally had nice weather (been raining a lot the past few weeks) so I thought I'd better get the vegetable garden weeded and the new raised beds set-up.  It was a much bigger project than I expected!

Late last fall I removed all the rotted railroad ties, which left a big ditch around the perimeter of the garden.  I also allowed a neighbor to dump two wheelbarrows full of dirt and rocks in the bed (bottom left corner).  Besides removing weeds, I had to fix those two issues.

(Image Below)
I managed to clear 3/4 of the weeds, fill in the ditch with the dirt and set-up 4 beds (50 concrete blocks).  I then leveled out the ground around the beds and put in slow grow/no mow grass seed.  Unfortunately the automatic sprinklers are not working yet and I had to carry 12 buckets of water from the kitchen to the garden to wet the seeds/soil.

In the upper left corner of the garden are my strawberry plants which already have blooms!  The circular rock garden in the lower right corner will be where I place my lady scarecrow and an old wheelbarrow that I am repainting. 

Next weekend I will finish weeding and set-up the remainder of beds (another 70 concrete blocks).  If time and energy allow, I will also do the following:
  • Put the new arbor together and place it in the bottom left corner of the garden as the entrance point. 
  • Extend the left side of the garden by a few feet so I can plant 6 lavender plants.
  • Lay pavers along the perimeter (where the railroad ties were)
  • We shall see.....

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Cambodia herbs said...

Great job nice to see your preparation, I use to plant herbs only.


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