Sunday, September 11, 2016

Don't Overlook the Opportunity for FREE Produce!

There is a home for sale in my subdivision and in the yard there are 2 apple trees which were starting to drop their fruit.  The other day the owners were there and I asked if they intended to harvest the apples; they said no but I was welcome to them!!

I grabbed my ladder and several large bags and picked everything I could get my hands on.  They were not in the best shape due to lack of maintenance, but I was not planning to eat them raw.  Instead I wanted to make Apple Butter and Apple Sauce.

I was able to salvage 12 quarts total - so 6 quarts of each!

The end result was worth the hour of apple picking and the 2 hours of harvesting the best bits.  All the required ingredients were in my pantry so I got FREE FOOD for a bit of my time.

The Diva Farmer ~ Come Grow With Us

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