Monday, March 21, 2016

Laundry Room Remodel

For most people, the laundry room is the first place you see when you come home and the last place you see when you leave home.  It becomes a catch-all room for whatever you bring into the house and place where clothes and plastic bottles collect.

I wanted my laundry room to be a bright and cheerful space that felt welcoming; as if it was a major room for visitors to congregate.  The space is nearly 10' x 10' but felt much tighter with the built-ins.

With a crowbar and sledge hammer in hand, I set out to remove everything from the room that wasn't necessary (wall around furnace had to stay).

I knew I wanted to hang my crystal chandelier in this room but I still didn't have a color scheme beyond elegant.  While wandering around Lowe's one afternoon I discovered peel and stick wallpaper in a teal/silver damask pattern and knew that was exactly what I had been looking for.  I also picked up a great deal on paintable wallpaper (double rolls for $12) and matched the silver in the peel and stick to a paint chip and I was set!

The wallpaper went up easily and quickly!  I then brushed the silver paint over the raised elements to give it the feel of aged/worn paper.  Much of the original cream shows through and ties in with the trim work in the room.  I painted the ugly furnace cover to match the trim.  The ceiling got two coats of high gloss white and two new light fixtures.

Hardwood was installed and I found a large rug at Ross for $49 that is cream and silver toned and also has the aged/worn appearance.

I purchased a single drapery panel that matched the teal/silver damask wallpaper and used it to cover the main window, window on door, seat cushion on chair and wrap the chain on the chandelier.  The curtain over the pantry door is also in a shade of teal with a silver embroidery design.  I love it when everything falls into place!

The wall which encased the furnace had a large hole, which at one time must have had a vent cover, and required something similar without looking harsh.  I found a cute wall decoration at Marshall's that fit the opening and added interest to the space.  Problem solved.

The washer/dryer area felt very dark and confined in the original layout.  I knew the cupboards would become "junk" storage if they remained.   I now have a bright and open space where I can display pretty items instead of hidden clutter.

I took the door off the small closet next to the freezer and added a curtain panel.  I placed a shelving unit inside the closet and now have expanded storage for bulk items (cleaning supplies, paper supplies, etc)

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Lisa C. said...

Great job on everything. Love your design choices. Lisa in Tennessee

Dawn said...

Simply beautiful! I want to see much more of your home. It is outstanding! I love your style!

Dawn~Lynnette in PA


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